Mārtiņš Saulespurēns is an audio engineer who co-founded Blue Microphones with musician Skipper Wise.  More recently the two co-founded Neat Microphones
“Neat is about creating the next generation of microphones,  with products that embrace innovation – microphones that sound better, look better are simpler to operate, and open up new creative avenues for both professionals and consumers.”

Saulespurēns also developed the tunable capsule for contemporary microphone design and invented the Champagne Microphone Cable. Skipper-Martins
Saulespurēns worked as an audio engineer for the Latvian Conservatory of Music when he met American session musician, Skipper Wise. In 1995, they created the Blue Microphones company to repair and refurbish vintage microphones for which parts were no longer available. ”Blue” was an acronym for Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics.

Under the encouragement of New York City recording studio owner Walter Sear, Saulespurēns and Wise developed their own line of microphones. The BLUE microphone was base upon an old RFT Bottle design but without the internal power supply making it a quieter and smoother

Skipper Wise, is an American Singer/Songwriter/Musician and entrepreneur born in Los Angeles.
In 1983, he fronted the contemporary jazz group, Windows, which delivered four top 10 radio records punctuated by the album, “The French Laundry,” which reached number one on the radio charts. Wise’s solo debut onto the music scene came with the 1989 Top 30 Single, “Standing Outside in the Rain” on the European pop charts. Partnering with producer Les Pierce  in 1994, Colour Club was born, delivering three albums from JVC America, with the self-titled album reaching number seven on the radio charts. Several videos and singles in the USA and Japan helped establish Colour Club as a pioneer in the acid jazz movement of the 1990s. Best known for his music recording career, Wise is also the co-founder of Blue Microphones, the highly respected audio manufacturer. In 1999, Skipper left the music industry to dedicate his time and passion full-time to Blue Microphones.