Meng calls in from Singapore to talk about the cloud based collaborative DAW – BandLab. He talks about his backhround, moving to the UK from Singapore at age 10, being introduced to British music like Radiohead and playing in a band. Meng discusses merging his educational background in math with his passion for music when he found an opportunity in Singapore to work with a distribution company focusing on products for musicians.

Meng describes the technological and social barriers musicians face with the creative process and illustrates how BandLab makes it more seamless, allowing musicians to capture and develop song ideas from anywhere and collaborate through the cloud-based recording and editing application.

Meng highlights some of the features of BandLab, emphasizing the revolutionary ability of the app to retain functionality across all platforms and devices, thus eliminating the common problems of collaborators having to deal with multiple proprietary file types, different operating systems and different DAWs.

Meng talks about BandLab’s use of the native technology of every OS or device it runs on, making it a truly multiplatform solution and goes on to talk about the fast progress of web audio, which should allow for more complex web-based editing and effects processing in the