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Steve Skillings, CEO of JamHub talks about his time working in product design and development for the auto industry, where he learned his manufacturing and development chops. While working for the Bose Automotive Group, Steve was impressed with the Bose L1 speaker project that he left his position as the head of a huge department to join the L1 team. Steve talks about looking for a solution where a band could practice in a quiet environment, realizing nothing like that yet existed and getting the idea for the Jamhub, a device which allows musicians to play electronic instruments or in a live room with everyone getting their own in-ear monitoring. Jamhub was launched in 2009.
Steve describes the JamHub, which is split into wedges for each musician to control their own mix. He talks about the various models; the 15 channel “Bedroom”, 21 channel “Green Room” with a remote for a drummer or keyboard player and the “Tour Bus” with a built in stereo recorder. He talks about the Jamhub’s multi track recording capabilities and its unexpected success as a favorite of musicians as a live stage in-ear monitoring solution – one that rivals other systems costing upwards of $20,000.

11/14/15 Steve Skillings – CEO of JamHub