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Jason talks about the inception of Fodera in 1983 when Vinny Fodera, a skilled luthier, builder and rep for Ken Smith basses, along with bassist Joey Lauricella decided to start their own company. Jason discusses Fodera’s approach to building top of the line basses by working with players to find each one’s ideal sound. This involves creating unique combinations of tone and neck woods to get a great natural tone and adding transparent electronics that do not color the sound too much, allowing the tone of the instrument to shine through.

Anthony Wellington is a Fodera endorsed player, performing with Victor Wooten. He tells us of his musical background, growing up in South Eastern DC, and gravitating to the bass as the rhythmic and melodic centerpiece to funk and RnB music. He describes his friendship with Victor Wooten, at first being skeptical of the hype, then coming to admire him and eventually joining Victor on the road, first as his bass tech and later as the second bassist in the band.

06/20/15 Fodera Basses with Jason DeSalvo and Anthony Wellington