Listen to “06/14/14 Marty Moore of Moore Custom Basses and David Chesavage of Ocean Beach Digital” on Spreaker.

Marty Moore of Moore Basses talks about how he got into building his own line of basses, going from playing classics like Rickenbackers, to boutique basses, to finally deciding to start building them himself. His line of basses are extremely well balanced, comfortable and feature Bartolini preamps, which provide an incredibly wide range of tonal options right onboard.


Dave Chesavage returns on the show to talk about his MIDI drawbar controller for digital organ synthesizers, notably the Nord. What started as a humble prototype project has created a powerful buzz in the industry and Dave discovered he hit upon a niche market that hungered for exactly what he created – a natural, classic way to modulate the tones of the beloved Hammond Organ sound in a digital setting. He has even started seeing some of the major synth manufacturers begin to incorporate drawbar controllers suspiciously similar to his own design.