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About The Host

Sound Experience explores the vast world of audio production through the ears of your host, mixing engineer and producer Tim Dolbear. Tim explores every aspect of music production while hanging out with professional audio engineers, musicians, and manufacturers who shape today’s music. Sound Experience is an interactive audience driven show that answers your questions and helps us all strive for excellence while creating our works of art.

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A professional musician since age 15 and a full time studio professional since the 90’s, Tim cut his musical teeth playing live with people such as Sammy Hagar, and in the studio with his mentor producer Keith Olsen. Today, as the owner of Eclectica Studios in Austin Texas, Tim is a highly sought after mixing engineer and producer with his work receiving airplay worldwide. Tim is also a writer for MIX and Professional Sound magazines, he is the product specialist for Sequoia and Samplitude DAWs, and a visiting professor at The Blackbird Academy and many other schools and universities throughout N. America.

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