Episode 32: A Shoegazer’s Dream – Ultimate Support Pedal Board

Sharpen The AXE Co-Hosts Paul Berezetsky and Eric Lucero are here for your daily dose (it’s about time) of some really cool gear today. We’ve got some of the newest pedals on the market here to show you. The gear here has been curated by Eric himself from the very wide selection over at Pitbull Audio. There is even a pedal called “Dude Incredible”. Like, seriously, stay tuned. 

Products featured today:
Ultimate Support GSP-500 Genesis Series Pedalboard with Universal Power Supply Mounting System, Cable Management System, and Mic Stand Shaft Mounting Attachment

EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch Shifting/Harmonizing/Alien Aliasing Modulation Generator

Catalinbread Effects Belle Epoch Deluxe Tape Echo Emulation Guitar Effects Pedal

Alexander Pedals F.13 Neo Flanger Guitar Effects Pedal

Keeley Electronics Vibe-O-Verb Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

Electronic Audio Experiments: Dude Incredible