Listen to “12/11/16 These Violent Delights – "Westworld" Season 1 Gets Rekt” on Spreaker.

Erik, Paul and Shark share their views on the HBO hit series, “Westworld”. Just because a show is critically acclaimed, doesn’t mean a group of functional alcoholics with microphones can’t find someting to complain about. Shark is grumpy as always, prefering the 1973 movie version of Westworld, (which he went to see in a blizzard, uphill both ways.) Erik and Paul feel that although the show started out incredibly strong, as the plot twists start piling up, so unfortunately do the plot holes. The season finale delivers some cool mind-twisting reveals but time will tell whether this show has a good idea of where exactly it’s headed, aside from the contrivance of machines being more human than humans.

12/11/16 These Violent Delights – “Westworld” Season 1 Gets Rekt