On this episode of Rekt Reviews, Shark, Paul, Erik and Amy weigh in on yet another chapter in a seemingly endless stream of Marvel blockbusters – “Thor: Ragnarok”…and the opinions couldn’t be more varied.  

Thor-Ragnarok-Chris-Hemsworth-0c93964Shark, in his eternal grumpiness, disliked the movie immensely. Erik was all set to love it, but had to sit trough one too many moments that were an affront to his inner man-child and lukewarmed his feelings. Amy seems to have liked the movie well enough, but when asked to elaborate, inexplicably would change the subject to the 90’s cult classic “The Crow.” Paul seems to have enjoyed Ragnarok the most and it’s a good thing he is writing this synopsis, because had it been Shark, the whole thing would be a string of f*@%!ng expletives.
Though not without some shortcomings, “Thor: Ragnarok” definitely succeeds in taking one of the less popular parts of the Marvel franchise and bringing it well to the forefront. Ragnarok comes pretty close to nailing the fun-loving tone of Guardians of the Galaxy with Chris Hemsworth fitting right in with a more comedic take on Thor. One thing everyone did agree on is that Cate Blanchett is hotter than ever and was the best part of the movie.