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Drinking at noon on New Year’s day is a hard job but someone’s gotta do it and so the Rekt krew start off the new year with a little hair of the dog and a review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
Shark expresses some high praise for the movie saying he “didn’t hate it” but both he and Erik felt the main characters offered nothing for the viewer to care about and so the dangers and sacrifices have no emotional resonance. They are also annoyed by the fact that although the movie promised to be a standalone story that was suposed to veer away from the baggage of the trilogies, it still ended up being tightly bound to the plot lines and characters of “A New Hope.”
Paul, being the least hung over, least grumpy and thus more forgiving seems to have liked the movie the most, particularly for it being less focused on all the Jedi woo woo and being more of a down to earth war film.
The one thing everyone agrees on is that the end scene with Vader, in top form, going through a squad of rebels like a hot knife through butter, is pretty kick-ass.

01/01/17 Hair of the Rogue – “Rogue One” Gets Rekt