The foul year of our Lord 2016, seems to be some unholy axis of remakes and reboots and the Reking Krew dives into the ill-conceived rehashing of The Magnificent Seven. Using beer-regression therapy we delve into our impressions of the movie, which seems to have some sort of a racial message, albeit one so diluted and obscure as to be incomprehensible. Mag 7 is entertaining enough as far as action goes, though it is very “Hollywoody” and does not have much to offer in the Western tension department. Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Vincent D’Onofrio give the movie just enough A-List acting to keep it out of Fast–Furious territory but not enough to impress either Erik or Shark. Chris Pratt basically plays the same character he always does, which may or may not work for you. Paul, expecting the movie to be unwatchable was surprised to actually find it entertaining. Florentino, (subbing in for Christopher) was the most forgiving, with the only complaint being weak military strategy applied to the defense of the small town. Everyone agreed on one thing – if you are going to bring out the obligatory gatling gun, do so in the beginning of the battle, not after 3/4 of your force is expanded…like…Duh!

09/29/16 “The Magnificent Seven” Gets REKT