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We’re pouring our derision upon everyting Ridley did, exposing every weakness, however carefully hidden by the kid. 
Alien: Covenant is a pretty big disappointment for everyone involved. Paul goes back to watch Prometheus for the 3rd time to try to make sense of the whole story arc, Erik goes back to watch Alien 1 to recapture the sense of suspense and awe that spawned the franchise and no one is willing to give Covenant any breaks once the characters’ asinine decision is made to go to an alien planet with no space suits. Sure, the movie is technically and cinematically impressive, (Ridley Scott films usually are). But no matter what deep existential themes he is trying to tackle are, it is really hard ignore the fact that Alien: Covenant is essentially “Idiocracy” in space. 

05/31/17 “Alien: Covenant” Gets REKT