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Paul takes a night off and Shark returns to the show for a Halloween episode of horror. The guys first talk action movies, which may seem off topic but segues smoothly into the unholy horror that was Die Hard 5, (which none of them actually watched but seem to all be horrified by.) Chris and Erik rave about Sicario, which will likely warrant a Reking in the near future.
Erik, Chris and Shark discuss Crimson Peak, their shared love for director Guillermo Del Torro and their shared disappointment in this film. Though visually quite stunning, immaculately detailed, and well-acted, the plot is a bit thin, predictable and ultimately un-engaging. None of the ghosts are scary or dangerous and though the movie is not without blood-curdling moments, these are achieved by very gory murder sequences, horrific due to their stark realism rather than anything paranormal.
The guys finish up by talking about some of their all-time favorite horror movies.

10/29/15 Beware of Crimson Peak! – “Crimson Peak” Gets Rekt