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Erik, Paul and Chris discuss the epic awesomeness that is Fury Road. The idea behind Rekt Reviews is to juxtapose the opinions of Erik (who is dead inside and loves nothing), Chris (who finds subtle beauty even in Nic Cage movies) and Paul (who ignores plot and character development entirely, focusing only on finding hidden Illuminati symbolism), but in this case the crew found very little to disagree over. The film is undeniably kick-ass, taking the viewer back to a time when action movies had you on the edge of your seat and presenting a never-before-seen spectacle to an audience that thought it has seen it all.
The guys discuss the bold plot choices Fury Road makes, its lean expository devices, Tom Hardy’s fetish for face masks, the production challenges the film had before finding its footing, and the hoopla surrounding the feminist themes it allegedly explores.

09/24/15 What A Lovely Day! – “Mad Max: Fury Road” Gets Rekt