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The Rekt krew reviews DC’s Suicide Squad and this is our breakdown:  The movie is pretty fun and visually rewarding, with charismatic performances by Will Smith as “Deadshot”, Viola Davis as “Amanda Waller” and Margot Robbie as “Harley Quinn” (who arguably steals the movie.) On the other hand Jared Leto’s “Joker” seems over-the-top and his presence in the movie is all but pointless. 

There are a lot of plot holes and tropes and dumb moves in the movie, but they are for the most part forgivable. What is hard to swallow, however is the desperate sense you get of the DC franchise trying to hectically catch up with the Marvel Universe with all it’s branches and spin-offs. Whereas Marvel painstakingly earned its place with over a decade of origin stories and character development, this movie (like Batman v Superman) is trying to cash in on the franchise racket too quickly, and this is glaringly obvious in the film. 

We end the show with Paul’s “Illuminati Corner”, where he points out some of the more blatant occult symbolism sprinkled all throughout Suicide Squad. Shark and Erik are skeptical but if you are into spotting pyramids and pentagrams and all-seeing-eyes and Babylonian symbology and Luciferian transhumanism themes – this movie is for you!

08/11/16 Oh The Metahumanity! – “Suicide Squad” Gets Rekt