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The Rekt Krew discuss the 20-year-gap sequel to Independence Day. We discuss the impact of the original movie on our (at the time) young and impressionable minds and proceed to an inebriated evisceration of “Resurgence”, a movie that is an obvious money grab, aimed at a God-knows-what audience, badly written with labored exposition and weak dialogue and a parade of young 1-dimensional characters. The global-level devastation wreaked by the aliens may be visually more impressive than in 1996 but utterly fails to resonate emotionally, despite the unimaginable loss of life and the loss of loved ones by the main characters. It is just impossible to care about anyone in this movie.
On the plus side it was nice to see Jeff Goldblum’s familiar gangly gesticulations and signature rhythm and Brent Spiner (Star Trek TNG’s “Data”) was thoroughly entertaining and arguably the one saving grace of this movie. To quote Erik – “Spiner was the only one who seemed to be aware he was part of a complete shit-show and just having fun with it.”

Paul is goaded by Erik to wax intoxicated about some Illuminati conspiracy themes peppered in throughout the movie.

07/07/16 We Had 20 Beers to Prepare – “Independence Day: Resurgence” Gets Rekt