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The Rekt Krew reviews the latest bloated Marvel phantasmagoria –  “Captain America: Civil War”. Paul refuses to call the Black Panther anything other than “Catman”. Erik seems to have reached the limit of his tolerance for superhero ensemble movies. Christopher is delighted with the new scrawny smart-alecky Spider-Man, (at long last liberated from the incompetent clutches of Sony Pictures Studios.) Shark hits the nail on the head with his synopsis: the movie is essentially working off a bad, sloppy script and the schism between the Avengers seems forced and utterly avoidable. At the same time the direction is solid, the action scenes are exciting, particularly the fresh hand-to-hand combat scenes, and overall the movie is entertaining…assuming you are not looking too closely at things like character motivation or plot coherence.  

05/12/16 Enter The Panther! – “Captain America: Civil War” Gets Rekt