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The Rekt Krew with all hands on deck and all brain cells anesthetized take on the beautiful mess that is Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is all to easy to break a leg by falling into any number of gaping plot holes and being inebriated certainly doesn’t help navigate such a hazardous environment. Erik, Shark and Chris point out the numerous ways the movie failed them – sitting through the gazillionth rehashing of Batman’s origin story, the uselessness of Lois Lane, Jesse Eisenberg’s over-the-top portrayal of an Aspberger’s Lex Luthor, Justice League characters being shoved down your throat for no reason, and the utter incomprehension of anyone’s motives. 
Paul is basically alone in attempting to find redeeming features in BvS and gives director Zach Snyder a lot of credit for at least attempting to weave together something resembling a serious film and saving most of his usual CGI shenanigans until the end. 
The movie is entertaining enough if you are willing to cut it a lot of slack and if your position is “any Batman is better than no Batman”.
However it suffers from 3 major ailments, from which most of its smaller symptoms stem:
One – the movie inherits all the miscasts of Man of Steel (Henry Cavill and Amy Adams sorta look the part of Superman and Luis but have no depth and Kevin Costner is out of place as ever [having died in the previous film doesn’t stop KC from reappearing in this one.]) 
Two – the movie is attempting to emulate two mutually exclusive styles, on one hand trying to set up a Marvel-type fantastical shared universe and at the same time, trying to keep Batman grounded and moody, (something Christopher Nolan absolutely nailed with The Dark Knight), and predictably these two approaches prove to be (predictably) incompatible. 
Three –  this movie’s ultimate goals are to set up a fight between Batman and Superman and to set up a Justice League franchise. The fight set-up is done with all the finesse of a shady fight promoter anticipating a big payout – the end justifies the means and we get to that fight through writing that is sloppy, lazy, full of shortcuts and incomprehensible plot lines. The attempt to set up a Justice League franchise feels overly forced and detracts this movie from standing on its own feet.

03/31/16 Yawn of Justice – “Batman V Superman” Gets Rekt