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The Rekt Team is down a man this week, but that doesn’t stop Chris, Erik and Paul from forging on with drinks in hand. After a random bit of talk about the Wachowski Sister’s Sense 8, the crew moves on to the main discussion 10 Cloverfield Lane. Despite receiving glowing critical reviews, Bad Robot’s latest film wasn’t as well received with our hosts. Too bad a great opening and good performances from the actors can’t seem to save this film from a fair number of problems. What could be the problems that trouble our inebriated trio? Was it the simplistic plot? The lack of tension? An awful tacked on ending with a twist? The overuse of movie tropes? Not enough Final Destination? Lack of black actors? Not enough Slusho!? Spaceships with sphincters? Too much to drink before hand…? Probably most of these.

Besides discussing Cloverfield, the crew gets geared up for the inevitable viewing of Batman v Superman. Chris catches the group up to speed on the history of BvS while Erik and Paul try to forget as much as possible about ‘Man of Steel’.  Also we talk alcohol with a local Hawaiian when Rekt gets it’s very first caller to the show. Chaos ensues. 

03/24/16 Bunker Drunk – “10 Cloverfield Lane” Gets Rekt