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We start the discussion off with all the racial talk surround this year’s event and how the host, Chris Rock, approaches the subject. Most of us find his jokes on this subject pretty funny at first, however it’s gets a little redundant throughout the show. Moving on we discuss the careers of two nominees, Leonardo Dicaprio and Sylvester Stallone. Did Leo win because of his performance in The Revenant? Or is Hollywood playing kiss up since he’s been snubbed for so many years? Does Stallone deserve a nomination? Has he even been in a decent movie other than Creed? Find out as the gang ponders these questions in between sips of alcohol and blatant Uber sponsorship chilling.

On our second round we discuss some of the best picture nominations. Spotlight won best picture, but does it really deserve it? Sure it’s a fine film, but is it better than Mad Max? Paul and Chris chat a little about The Big Short and how it stacks up to it’s competition. Somehow this leads to the crew talking about James Cameron’s filmography which Shark has strong opinions on. Also Johnny Depp’s Oscar snub, Erik hasn’t seen Forrest Gump, and Paul shares his thoughts about Deadpool.

03/03/16 The Carpet’s Always Redder – 2016 Oscars Get Rekt