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Erik, Paul and Shark discuss their impressions of the obscure little indie film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens and tackle the question – is it feasible to rekindle a 10-year old’s sense of wonder in a 40 year old man-child?
The Rekt crew have some mixed feelings about “The Force Awakens”, (directed by J. J. Abrams), which undoubtedly captures the feel and flavor of George Lucas’ original pre-Jar Jar trilogy but is so scared to veer away and take a misstep in a wrong direction that a lot of the film ends up being a rehashing of same old plot lines, i.e., secret plans hidden in a droid, a bigger badder death star, etc.
The movie is definitely fun and fast paced, the CGI is not overdone and the acting is pretty solid overall and is immensely boosted by Daisy Ridley, who is just outstanding in her role as Rey, a scavenger in the process of discovering her Jedi prowess and lineage.
The hype, anticipation and longing to get back to the original Star Wars vibe makes it a bit difficult to critique this movie objectively but our overall impression is that the constant nostalgia-baiting is nothing a couple of beers can’t fix. What this movie’s place in the pantheon will be is going to be decided by the passage of time and the development of subsequent heavily Disneyfied sequels.

01/14/16 Not The Droids You’re Looking For – “The Force Awakens” Gets Rekt