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DeLon is an American Hip-Hop Artist, DJ, Producer and the first Sri Lankan artist to place on the U.S. Billboard charts.

DeLon performs live on the air the songs “More Power” and “Middle Earth” and talks about the inspirations for the tracks – meditation, Buddhism and reincarnation.

He talks about starting DJing at age 12, his musical development and making a transition from a more market-driven mainstream songwriting to a style more true-to-heart and encompassing deeper themes. He describes his early struggles with racism and cultural isolation as being the factors that drew him into music and the challenges of being a Sri Lankan hip hop artist, attempting to embody an adopted cultural dynamic. His perseverance as a DJ and rapper paid off and in 2005 he became the first Sri Lankan to place on the Billboard Charts with the song Color de la Salsa

We play the tracks “For Real” and “BustA Rhyme” from DeLon’s new album Something Out of Nothing.