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Sherri-Anne and Lisa Viegas of Sister Speak

Sister Speak perform live on the air:
On My Own Two Feet
Coming Back

Sherri-Anne and Lisa talk about what influenced their music – listening to artists like The Beatles, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Howard, Sarah Watkins and Bob Dylan and playing with different musicians. They talk about discovering that both are from British Columbia and tell us what brought them to California.

Sherri-Anne and Lisa talk about their album Rise Up For Love and about their fan base beingthe strongest in San Diego, Chicago and British Columbia. They discuss their DIY approach to their band, with no labels or managers and talk about the different level of enthusiasm for original music in the various cities they have toured. Canada and places like New York City seem to be much more supportive , but the one thing that seems to resonate with all audiences is authenticity.

Sister Speak perform live on the air:
Prison of Love
Chicago Dream