Listen to “06/21/15 Seventrain” on Spreaker.

Seventrain Members:
Eric Horton – Guitar
Jef Poremba – Guitar
Joel Maitoza – Drums & Percussion
Steve (Dino) Andino – Bass
Jon Campos – Vocals

We play the songs “Change” and “Bittersweet Seduction” and Seventrain give us some background on the tunes.

The band talks about getting their start jamming at a memoriam show for Big Vinny, a local soundman who passed away, and finding a chemistry which prompted them write songs and put together an album. They talk about their song writing process and the differing approaches between their first and second albums. Jeff and John talk about the artists who inspire them– everyone from Eddie Van Halen to Freddie Mercury.

Dino talks about the artists that inspired him – Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, as well as funk players. Joel talks about his drummer influences, including Tommy Aldridge, Buddy Rich and Neil Peart as well as various guitarists, bassits and keyboard players. Seventrain talk about some of their favorite gear and the manufacturers who sponsor them. We discuss the urgent need for San Diego to support the local music scene.

We play the songs “Never” and “How Does It Feel” and Seventrain tell us about the themes behind the songs.