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Drums – Dino 
Keyboards – Peter
Guitar – Keith
Vocals – Kerry
Bass – Ronnie

The band members introduce themselves; and Dino talks about how the band got its start in 1995 with him, Pete and Kerry. Sledd discuss their musical influences and their evolution from being a cover band to writing original music, with Tesla guitarist Brian Wheat playing an instrumental role in guiding and teaching them how to write catchy hooks. They talk about the process of developing their own style and their new album – Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Sledd talk about the buzz their music has been generating among European record labels, their upcoming show with the band Seventrain and the vital role their road crew plays in the band’s operations. Dino and Peter tell us about their involvement with, a foundation for the treatment and research of epilepsy.

Sledd perform live in our studio.

05/17/15 Sledd