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Show planning/tracking superstar Matt Payne @builtbypayne is Rich’s debut guest on episode 4 of #pickrichsbrain!
Matt has been a longtime drum tech for Max Weinberg with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, as well as Kings of Leon, Chris Tomlin, Thomas Rhett and others. He is a master of Ableton and found his true calling with Ableton programming and designing entire shows for various artists, to the extent that he disrupted the “teching” profession and became a leading brand within a whole new industry.
In episode 4, Rich and Matt discuss the mastery of Kenny Aronoff, Chris McHugh and how what you may think you’d like to be within the Nashville music business may not ultimately align with your true north star.
You may not like the pressures of being a studio musician. Some may think anyone could come in and cut 5 songs in 3 hours, but the reality is vastly different. You will realize that your chops aren’t as important as your bedside manner, ability, attitude and how easy your are to work with.
Nashville is typically described as a 5 year town. If you’re turning down opportunities in year 1-2 because they don’t fit what you envision for yourself, there’s a strong likelihood that you will lose. But there are people out there who think they can say no when they need to be saying yes to a whole lot more.
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