On episode 9 of #pickrichsbrain, we have Jason Aldean’s longtime and legacy Producer, Michael Knox as our guest!

Big Green Tractor, She’s Country, Amarillo Sky, Why, Flyover States….the hits go on and on and Michael Knox was a huge part in shaping of all of them.

Michael actually discovered Jason in a showcase in Macon, Georgia. Michael’s gut knew right then that Jason had something unique and authentic. With the help of the 3 Kings (Redmond/Kennedy/Allison), Knox was about to change the paradigm of the Nashville sonic landscape and blaze a new country rock trail for years to come.

Michael and Rich also discuss how the best singer often doesn’t make the best connection to an audience. It takes an artist, a true brand that embodies an authentic connection.

Knox also talks about the process of how he and Jason whittle down the thousands of songs that are pitched to them to ultimately become each of Jason’s records. Despite passing on songs that end up becoming #1 hits for other artists, Knox strictly adheres to who Jason is to make sure that the connection to his audience never waivers.