Well, it’s a tale as old as time — marketing wants more information about its audiences so it can craft the perfect individualized message just for them at EXACTLY the time they need it. And consumers think marketing is uber creepy and want to use fake names, numbers and everything else just to keep them away. Because you see, in the real world, marketing has behaved rather irresponsibly with this data and NOW big brother has come a’ knocking. Yes, that’s the sound of the gov’t showing up at the party. With the General Data Privacy Regulations in full effect in the UK/EU and California recently dropping its own data privacy regs, the next battle between privacy and marketing is shaping up to be a doozy! And we have renowned privacy legal expert Will Marshall from the UBM Law Group in San Diego with us for the whole hour to discuss the pertinent and powerful issues that will guide who sees what, when and why in the coming years. So join us this Friday at 2 p.m. Pacific for another thrilling and potentially award-winning episode of May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk Media!

Episode 93: Marketing v Privacy Round 10