Listen to “06/23/17 Episode 56: The Order of Things” on Spreaker.

When you bake a cake, there’s an order. When you build a house, there’s an order to how it’s done. And when you do professional marketing & communications there is also an order. The sequence or order of how/when things are done often determine their success and it’s why you crack the eggs and mix them in BEFORE you bake it, it’s why you dig and lay the foundation BEFORE you install the sundeck and it’s why we work on the brand message so hard BEFORE we communicate anything.  The order of things counts and we’re going to hit this hard this week and see who’s winning and losing as we break a few eggs on the next action-packed episode of the Tony-award-winning classic May the Best Brand Win on Entertalk Radio.  

06/23/17 Episode 56: The Order of Things