Patti Linsky had been the Cantor at Temple Ahavat Shalom for over 24 years when a life-threatening condition derailed her plans and dreams for the future. Following a lengthy recuperation, Patti realized that a consequence of her surgery, which nearly took her life, was that her singing voice had been compromised and she would no longer be able to perform her duties as Cantor. In 2010, retired from her position. 
She was forced to look within, “If I am not a Cantor, then who am I?” With that question, she embarked on her spiritual quest, searching for her next chapter. Patti actively chose to be open to every possibility. In doing so, she enrolled in a Woman’s Empowerment Course in which she was asked to write a bucket list. One of the ten items stood out and hit a resonant chord — she wanted to perform a one- woman show so that she could tell her story. This creation, she felt, would feed her soul, give her an opportunity not only to explore her own path and find strength and vision, but also empower others to believe that they are “enough.”
Being “enough” is pinnacle to Patti’s spiritual awakening. In 1996, Patti was in an automobile accident resulting in severe back and neck injuries. Soon after, she underwent surgery for a hernia — her doctor accidentally cut a nerve in her leg. Following was a decade of descent into painkillers and alcohol in an effort to mask her physical and emotional pain. In 2007, Patti entered, and remains, in recovery — “It was the first time in years that I felt authentic, the first time I experienced real
Altar EGO is the creative, energetic, spiritual child of Patti’s extraordinary journey. This is a story of Patti’s passion for music and religious commitment. It is also a story of battling addictions, self-worth, recovery and ultimately redemption. As a singer/songwriter, Altar EGO is told through her very
personal compositions and stories peppered with her unique humor, wisdom and zest for life.
In addition to Patti’s one woman show, she remains active in the Jewish community as a freelance Cantor officiating at services, Lifecycle events, performing in concerts, recording in the studio and as visiting Artist-in-Residence.