Sometimes, you have to take a few roads, to find and make your own. That is the story of Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious, or as you soon will call them: Towne. Both were spending their lives looking for like-minded people that shared their love for music and desire for opportunity. As fate would have it, they found each other in the perfect place: a songwriting seminar in Wyoming. Nothing like a quiet town, with little to do, to make you focus on your passion, and for Towne, it is songwriting.

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For singer Steevie Steeves, she learned the values of love and compassion from performing in musicals at a young age. Opera taught her how to perfect her voice and use it as a tool to strike emotion. As time went on, it was in country music that she found her own voice and continued her goal to give audiences moving vocals. Yet, she knew she was different because not everybody wants to sing and dance in their daily life, or dreams of being Freddie Mercury from Queen. However, somebody out there shared her life’s perspective: Jon Decious.

Jon Decious knew he wanted to be in music when he saw Guns N’ Roses “Welcome To The Jungle”, and was impressed by fellow bassist Andrew “Duff” Mckagan. Soon, Decious realized that his favor for George Harrison of The Beatles and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones was a sign that he did not want to be a frontman; he wanted to be the “side-guy”. When he met Steevie, he knew he had found his other side. The yin to his yang. For Jon, Steevie was the mega-star he would be honored to play with in front of 50,000 people one day. As they shared their visions of music, they could not forget each other even if they tried. Their heart and soul was giving them a feeling that their musical pairing was meant to be.

Together, Jon and Steevie have a clear creative chemistry that makes viewers want to watch them playfully discuss and sing the meanings behind love-lorn lyrics. The musical kinship and respect they have for each other is a huge part of their charm on stage. The duo shines better together, especially because their personalities connect beautifully in difference and similarity. Decious has the dry-witted charm and Steeves has the sweet, smiling personality that will mutually enrapture fans.

It has been said on numerous occasions that Towne’s unfiltered, unscripted, and unconditional search for love and life’s truths makes them resonate with classic, country duos like Johnny Cash and June Carter, with the pizzazz of Fleetwood Mac. For Towne, music is a joy that they can only give to you, the listener, if they are receiving it. Hence, they will never stop creating because their music is their life, and, if you never stop living, how can you stop making a song?