Driven by her freewheeling passion for both breaking and making molds that challenge every notion we’ve ever had about what a female pop singer should be, Stephanie K found the perfect title for her debut recording which sums up the way she unabashedly expresses her true self as an artist: Troublemaker. The EP launches her association with Woodward Avenue Records, and marks the popular contemporary urban jazz label’s first major foray into the pop realm.

Produced by four time Grammy Award winner Michael Powell, the emotionally hard hitting 5-track set captures all the elements that have earned the Detroit based vocalist and songwriter a reputation around the globe. It’s a sly sizzling, mix of raw, in your face honesty, supercharged with lyrics of deep empowerment, an eclectic vibe infused with dance, R&B and fiery rock elements and Stephanie’s freewheeling sense of sass.