New country artist Mark Bray always had music instilled in his blood. They say it takes only one moment for someone to become hooked and know that making music is their dream, and for Mark, it was watching the 1994 television special featuring Garth Brooks. Mark Bray publicity photoMotivated by his passion for music and his love of performing, he was influenced by many different styles of music – the pop hits of the day through his mother, 70’s singer/songwriters via his father and the rock-n-roll hits of the 80s and 90s that he first heard being sung by his siblings. With an eclectic range of musical influences ranging from Garth Brooks to Billy Joel, James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet, he describes his style of music as 90s country with a modern feel. “There’s nothing better when I’m on stage performing and seeing how the crowd is reacting. It’s a matter of me being happy with my performance, but I want that one person who has never seen me before come up and say ‘Man, you’re the guy.’ If one person does that, then I’ve done my job.” With Bray’s creative soul, compelling charm and driven work ethic that won’t let him slow down, it looks like he is on the right path to becoming a household name.

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