Listen to “06/05/17 Buddy Rich's Daughter Cathy Rich and Gregg Potter, Drummer – The Buddy Rich Band” on Spreaker.

Cathy Rich is an American vocalist and daughter of jazz drummer Buddy Rich, known for her vocals on his “The Beat Goes On” as well as her version of Chip Taylor’s Wild Thing, produced by Kim Fowley      

Gregg Potter is an EMMY-winning drummer with The Buddy Rich Band.

*With special guest, Hudson Music Co-Founder, Rob Wallis.

 The Buddy Rich Band has all of the excitement, drive, and showmanship that Buddy brought throughout his career. Not a tribute, not “The Next” Buddy Rich, but a full blown sixteen piece big band charging through Buddy’s original charts playing classics like Mercy, Mercy, Love For Sale, Nutville, and Birdland, along with new charts just as BR would have played them.  An incredible group of talented musicians that bring Buddy’s music into the present day. This is not your grandparents music! No nostalgia. This is a contemporary take on a classic style. Buddy never looked back. He was a musical visionary who was always ahead of the curve. The band has toured from New York to London, Hollywood to Tokyo. 
      This band features EMMY Award winning drummer Gregg Potter, who not only brings his power and charismatic drumming style to the music, but also possesses a stage presence and technique that would make Buddy proud.  Cathy Rich, Buddy’s daughter, hosting the evening and singing, is as close as one could get to having Buddy there.   With tales from the road and home, growing up with this “one of a kind” music legend makes this multi media presentation a guaranteed hit.