Since 1988, Marin County singer-songwriter Bernie Chiaravalle has been touring the world playing guitar with five-time Grammy winner Michael McDonald. During those years, Chiaravalle has co-written and recorded with McDonald, co-writing four tracks on his superb 2000 release Blue Obsession, as well as co-producing it. They have written over two dozen songs together. Bernie also has a song on the legendary Judy Collins duets album Strangers Again. The wonderful “Miracle River” was written by Bernie, Amy Holland and John Goodwin and performed as a duet between Judy Collins and Mike McDonald. bernieC

Bernie’s musical style encompasses many influences from The Beatles to Stephen Stills to Todd Rundgren and others. But he really has distilled those influences down into his own thing. Many of his songs have a cinematic quality that suggests visuals to go along with the music.
While holding down Mike McDonald’s guitar chair for the past 29 years, which is practically forever in the notoriously mercurial music business, Bernie Chiaravalle has amassed his own fine body of solo work.

The self-penned Make Some Sense of This is his eighth solo record, coming just a year after his well-received One Bright Moment. Here, he flawlessly handles all vocals and instruments.