Lawrence  Gowan is a Scottish-born Canadian musician. Gowan has been both a solo artist and the current lead vocalist and keyboardist of the band Styx since May 1999.

James JY Young : “The next necessary component of the collective excellence came to light when a Canadian by the name of Lawrence Gowan opened for Styx in Quebec City in 1997 — just a man and his piano, buttressed by a large crowd whose rabidly enthusiastic response to a purely solo one-man set laid the groundwork for the next recruit. “Here was this conservatory-trained guy who opened for us in a sold-out arena — a single guy at a piano who got 10,000 people on their feet,” marvels JY. Concurs Tommy, “We knew right then and there he was one of us. I couldn’t wait to play with him.” Adds Todd, “We found another guy who shares all the same passions and work ethic. And Lawrence is an iron man. He’s such a marvelous, gifted, clearly classically trained player.”