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C.G. Ryche is a American film director, writer, producer and visionary composer. Known in the industry as a “Renaissance man” and a “Game Changer” for his wide range of skills, business savvy and work ethic, C.G. began in film at a early age, composing music for short films, his performances would introduce him to many industry giants, where Ryche was able to study and learn about directing, editing and conveying a story on film. Ryche has helmed many projects from directing live performances artist like Mana, Linkin Park and Tizer. C.G. also is directing, writing & producing for television with the show “Misty & Kristy”, “Ashlie TV” and other shows in pre-production. C.G. is currently working on several scripts and financing for films in the works including the Suspense / Thriller “Powned” featuring Eric Roberts, John Barbolla and Ashlie Garrett. Ryche is a nation PBS artist and is international recognized for his visionary music, C.G. has and still composes for film or projects that he’s connected too. C.G. Ryche goal is to be a master storyteller like Eastwood, Nolan, Spielberg and Cameron that is lucrative for the studios and is honored by his peers.