With Shadow Weaver, veteran alternative rockers the Choir took their first plunge into crowd-funding. Although the GRAMMY®-nominated group has long relied upon some of pop music’s most ardent supporters, the results were unexpected.   “The response was not only stunning, but humbling,” says singer and guitarist Derri Daugherty. “It made us want to deliver, and I think people are going to be blown away by this record. It’s pretty epic.” 
A fearless sonic explorer, Daugherty has nurtured shimmering, otherworldly textures by employing his guitar in impressionistic brushstrokes rather than blunt force. He has also dug for visceral tones associated with shoegazer and noise-pop styles.
Together with Daugherty’s imaginative soundscapes, the Choir has also won careful attention through drummer Steve Hindalong’s contemplative lyrical themes. Past Choir albums including 1996’s Free Flying Soul summoned images of unfettered potential alongside Hindalong’s “prayers and twisted love songs.” The new album’s title turns a shade darker, recalling the questioning nature of the group’s 1985 debut Voices in Shadows.

Episode 43: Derri Daugherty – The Choir Lead Singer / Guitarist